The Guilded Age Update Now Live

  • En Masse Entertainment has announced which the latest TERA update has become deployed. Called "The Guilded Age", the patch brings new guild functionality into the action that includes progression, unlockable guild-wide skills along with new weekly GvG events to fight for control from the capital town of Velika.

    The store been specifically updated while using new dragon mounts.

        Guilds considering demonstrating their combat prowess can participate within the new weekly guild battle, Civil Unrest: Velika. In preparation to the event, guilds construct their particular guild tower in a designated zone surrounding the main town city of Velika. During the event, which occurs weekly on Saturdays at 7PM PT, guilds will face--off in all-out battle, seeking to Buy Tera Gold destroy the towers of other guilds while protecting their unique. The guild while using last tower standing when time runs out are going to be crowned the victor, earning their guild a jackpot of taxes collected coming from all merchant NPC transactions within the previous week.

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