his is a funny book written in diary with

  • his is a funny book written in diary with a lot of words, Chinese, and English. He often worries about his skinny man, always worried that he will be bullied by the big man. He wrote a diary at the request of his mother Newport Cigarettes Price, although he wrote this to cope with the question of answering reporters after he became famousgonist of the book is Gray, and his family has five people. He, his brother Manny, brother Roderick and his parents. Below, I will introduce you to some interesting and fun stories of thisation, there were few days. In the middle of the night, Roderick Qin Ke called Gray. His brother said that he had slept for a holiday, but fortunately, Gray was awake at the right time, just in time for the first day of schooltrick, too low! However, Roderick was neatly dressed in school uniforms and adjusted his alarm clock time. It was really like goinother, Gray put on his clothes and went downstairs, ready to go downstairs to have some breakfast, as always. But I guess he must have made a big noise, because it didn't take long, Dad said angrily: "Is breakfast at three in the morning? What do you want to do? It makes the whole family uneasy." Funny? and the next laugh stopped for no more than five minutes. First, because of the ghost idea of ??Gray's brain, it really makes people can't help. Second, because I can understand his actions without any difficulty, and then I will smile.He does not have a tall figure, but he is admired by the world; he does not have a long life, but uses a short life to leave an eternal spirit; he, with the most ordinary actions, inscribed immortal youth; he is just an ordinary The People's L be loyal to the revolution, to be loyal to the party, to do a line of love, and to be gracious. Fire, there must be patriotism Cigarettes For Sale, nail spirit and "sponge" spirit.engho was about 60 years old caught my attention. I saw that she had looked around and found that she had no seats on the car and felt very lost. I thought to myself: Hey? Why didn't anyone give up? Then should I give up? At this time, my thoughts will quarrel. On the left is the pure daylight, and on the right is the hateful black devil. "You should give up, because you want to respect the old and love the young!" "You shouldn't let the seat, you see, others don't let the seat, then you don't let the seat be good." "Let's seat!" "Do not let the seat!"... After that, I pulled them apart and then prepared to stand up and let them sit. I have the courage to cheer for myself! I walked slowly to the old lady and said in a hurry: "Old lady Parliament Cigarettes, there is a car seat here, sit down!" After listening to the old lady, she said with emotion: "Child, sit down!" The voice of the wife did not fall, I quickly said: "I still sit down!" Then he took the old lady's hand and carefully? Going to the seat How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, and then said to the old lady: "You sit!" The old lady couldn't help but sit down Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Then, I moved to say: "Child, you are really sensible, you are really a small lp them. Little readers, let us pass on the spirit of Lei Feng! Let the world be full of love!