She is almost forty years old

  • She is almost forty years old. Her long yellow hair is like a hilarious nest. The wrinkled face is red and radiant. The big eyes with eyes are always watching uai Teacher a silly teacher? Because, every time she does not make one or two mistakes every time she goes to class, she is not willing. This is not, the mistake is "born" in her pen: after she arranged the homework, she looked at the mathematics book and wanted to "self-study". Suddenly, Bai teacher stood up and tried to enlarge the voice and said: " You may not do it for a few pages of the first few questions Marlboro Cigarettes. Let me explain it for everyone!" She said, she holds a math book in her left hand, holding a chalk in her right hand, while watching, while writing, her mouth still has words. The answer is calculated, but Bai wrote the last unit as ��square meter��, and the correct answer is ��square decimeter��. Several chubby hands raised, trying to correct the mistakes for the teacher, but Bai teacher, a look of anger, said: "Do what so many hands!" Li Linman stood up and said: "Teacher, that unit is Square decimeter, not square meters Marlboro Cigarettes Online, you mistakenly converted the back!" "What?" White teacher asked in amazement, turned his head and re-checked. "It turned out that" Bai teacher touched his chin and said: "Students, the teacher was wrong, and then come back again." What! Come back again? Teacher, silly teacher! You can be stupid, but don't waste my time! Later, I realized that the teacher ��wasted�� our time is actually good for us. Otherwise, if we only talk about one question, many students still don��t understand it, so let��s talk agair is "stupid", we also work hard, because, in terms of language, we become the "teacher" of Bai teacher Newport 100S. When she was in class Carton Of Cigarettes, she first spoke a few Mandarin words. When she spoke, she ran and turned into a Sichuan dialect. The classmates did not change their expressions, but they we Bai teacher is "stupid and stupid"? But she is serious and responsible, and she is meticulous Newport Cigarettes.