The Poor Launcher of MapleStory

  • The launcher nevertheless forgets that I have the game installed virtually every time that I open it, is often still asserting the match is under maintenance once the maintenance had finished (a few weeks ago Maplestory Mesos remained for hours, leaving the channels dead more than they are as is).

    Attempting to "download" the game to the folder where it is set up to often properly detects it and tries to confirm the files, yet more often than not results an error stating the game couldn't be installed. During all these issues launching the game through GameLauncher.exe works just fine, besides, we still do not have the choice to switch accounts in the game without switching accounts at the launcher, adding tedious work when I need to use another account.

    I do use the launcher but when these issues occur GameLauncher.exe is there to assist, with this being removed there'd be no escaping these difficulties.

    Nexon has a bad habit of providing features and services in a barely usable condition if usable at all and taking years to solve the simplest of issues.

    This game is coded so badly it causes input lag in my entire machine, while the new triple A games operate on the highest settings just fine, I've a GTX 980 with an i7 4790k, there is no reason that this game should lag at all, but it does.

    One of the lag issues, evidence for inferior code and superior management can be found simply by looking at the game's recent updates, causing false bans through the water wars event, issues with all the anticheat (which can be undoubtedly the most intrusive anticheat I have encountered so far), functionality issues all around, etc..

    Why MapleStory isn't popular, Nexon is dull!

    When you try to buy Maplestory 2 Mesos forward it to Customer Support, they will usually throw you back to the graveyard here. "Lets just hope what we throw at the neighborhood keeps them happy instead of actually making a proper list and repairing said problems while maintaining communication so we do not sound like we hurried out the backdoor".

    That is the reason why Global MapleStory is not popular for what it is serviced in. Just pushing cool upgrades is not likely to revive or boost the general player-base once the game is all but quite literally unplayable with all sorts of lag, framework fall, freezes, crashes, and mistakes. Hardly anybody is going to do these pop-up polls when the game crashes while folks feel like critical feedback isn't being forwarded at all on the forums or customer service a majority of the time.

    Reporting one bug took years for it to be recognized 3 times and then mended. Pushing for a proposal has even less chances. This should not be the normal, but it is. This is precisely why we have such a poisonous community which simply goes onto memes about "Reboot Master Race" and "paying participant scum" (on an unrelated note if folks did not buy NX and actually boycott it there is a larger chance this game could shut down, but that is a totally different topic for a totally different day).

    Like the one thing that's keeping GMS in the lead of Personal Servers (notice: debate about this is allowed, but a personal domain is included is not allowed) is the updated content. Everything has met with a level of garbage tier.