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    ID Xbox address for complete games. In added ceremony Axiom Verge, the

    acclaimed Metroidvania indie adventuresome that launched accepting year

    on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, will be advancing to Xbox One. A absent

    ceremony absolution from artisan Tom Happ said Axiom Verge would be

    advancing to Wii U as well. No specific date was given, alone "later

    this year."Rocket League Crates 

    Cross-platform comes to Xbox One today in the latest appellation

    acclimatize to Rocket League. Gamers in the RC-cars-meets-soccer

    adventuresome will be able to play matches abut PC users starting this


    The acclimatize comes to users at 8 ceremony ET. It will be reflected in

    the options menu, aloft there is a toggle to ascribe or abate

    matchmaking with cross-platform competitors.

    Cross-platform play does not base the Playstation 4 — yet. In March,

    Xbox appear it was aperture Xbox One to cross-platform play, with "other

    consoles" included. However, implementing or including this commemoration

    will be in adeptness up to adventuresome developers.

    PlayStation 4's Rocket Accordance gamers accepting been able to play adjoin

    PC users abashed its acclimation accepting July. It launched on Xbox One

    in February.